Castlecomer LAP Material Alteration

Kilkenny County Council

Proposed Material Alteration

Amendment No. 1 to Castlecomer LAP – Core Strategy

Forward PlanningApril 2012


To make a submission to this Proposed Alteration you can either:

  • Write to: Director of Services, Planning, County Hall, John St., Kilkenny
  • Email or
  • Make a submission online using the comment form below    you must make your submission before 4pm on 8th May 2012


In accordance with Section 20 (3) of the Planning and Development Act, 2000 (as amended) Kilkenny County Council is proposing a material alteration to Proposed Amendment 1 to the Castlecomer Local Area Plan, which was published on the 21st December 2011.  These alterations have arisen following the Elected Members’ review of the Manager’s Report on Submissions received to the Proposed Amendment.

The proposed alterations to the Amendment are outlined below and should be read in conjunction with Proposed Amendment 1, and the Castlecomer Local Area Plan (2009).

These changes are proposed as a result of Submission ref. PACC2 from the OPW.   A summary of the submissions made and the Manager’s response to each can be found in the Manager’s Report on Submissions received to Proposed Amendment 1 (6th March 2012)

Mapping change: PACC2

1 Map 4.2 – Change zoning of site in Ballyhimmin to reflect the recommendations of the Strategic Flood Risk Assessment Justification Test.

Flood Risk Assessment – Appendix 1 to Strategic Environmental Assessment Screening

The Flood Risk Assessment has been amended in line with the recommendations of the OPW, see revised FRA.      


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