About this site

The aim of this site is to enable interested and engaged members of the public to participate online in a collaborative discussion around the development of future Local Area Plans (LAPs), in this case – the Gowran Local Area Plan.

Comments can also be made on any of the content of the plan, to enter a comment please use the comment box located at the bottom of each page of the plan. Please indicate in the comment box whether you are making a comment or whether you would like your comment to be considered a formal submission to the Local Area Plan

When a comment is made on the website it enters a queue for moderation by a member of Kilkenny County Council’s Staff.

Contributions will be moderated for defacement or for improper use; all contributions made in good faith will be approved and will become visible on the site for all visitors to read. During office hours all contributions will be reviewed as soon as possible following their addition. All contributions made outside of office hours will be reviewed as soon as possible on the next working day.

It is intended to leave all valid contributions online and following the close of the consultative period to leave this site online (but locked) as a document of record.

We believe that this site will help to enable enhanced transparency within the consultative process and will also permit a wider group of interested parties to participate in the process.

You may optionally choose to be notified when a comment has been added to any page on the site.

The information in this LAP is set out under a total of eight headings. The existing situation based on survey, research work and local information is discussed and the issues raised in the public consultation are outlined. These are then used to formulate policies and objectives under each heading. You can access each of these sections using the main menu near the top of the page.

For help or further information, please contact webmaster@kilkennycoco.ie

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