Community-Organisations and Services

2.8       Community  - Organisations & Services

2.8.1     Organisations & Sports Clubs

Piltown is well served by recreational facilities generally, and general consensus during public consultation deemd that this derives from good community spirit and a progressive and posibitte attitude in the parish and good volunteer organisation.  Kildalton Soccer Club

Kildalton Soccer Club is located at the eastern edge of the town.  The facilities include a clubhouse with gym and floodlit pitch.  Access to the road is pitch is in need of improvements – this is discussed in section 2.3.3.  Piltown GAA

Piltown GAA complex is located at the northern edge of the village, adjacent ot eh Iverk Showgrounds.  The complex includes pitches for hurling, Gaelic football, camogie and also a floodlit all weather pitch.  The club house incorporates a squash and handball court and bar/ lounge and function room.  Piltown Parish Community Centre

Piltown Parish Community Centre facilities activies for age groups across the spectrum and interests, including – karate, snooker, basketball, art, bingo and computer courses.  The centre would encourage more use by sportig groups.  Barriers have been erected outside of the community centre and it has been suggested that the entrance would benefit landscaping or planting.


C1 – It is the policy of the Council to support and encourage the development of open space and landscaping in the town.  Keep Piltown Tidy

Keep Piltown Tidy are active in the town and have undertaken and been involved in several landscaping projects, visual amenity improvements, and maintenance works throughout the town – such as the Welcome signage on the Fiddown Road.  The Ossary Parishes FAS Scheme is also active in the community and carry out maintenance and improvement works in the town.  Iverk Show

Each year the community spirit of Piltown, and the strength of its volunteer organisation is reflected in the Iverk Show – The Barony Meeting draws attention from a wide distance and is one of the largest rural shows in Ireland.

2.8.2     Community Services  Religious Services

St. Mary’s Catholic Church and St. Paul’s Church of Ireland Church are located at the south-eastern end of the town on the Fiddown Road.  The graveyard of both churches are also located in this area.  An extension has been permitted to the graveyard of St. Mary’s Church to its north, and allotments have been formed to the east of the graveyard.

A landscaped seating area has been provided to the south of St. Mary’s Church as a community project in association with the Barrow-Nore-Suir Leader partnership.  Garda Station

The Piltown area is served by the Piltown Garda station; the area will benefit from the increased number of Gardai to be stationed in Mooncoin, with 24 cover provided.  Target Groups

The youth are well catered for in terms of sports facilities provided at Piltown, but at present there is no ‘youth club’ not related to sport.  It was noted from information gathered from public consultation that the numbers of new members getting involved in activities is low and the involvement of new residents is encourage in all community groups.

There is an Over Sixties Senior Citizens Club in Piltown catering for the more senior members of the community that meet regularly in the Piltown parish community centre.


C2 – Work in partnership with youth services providers and the local community in the development of youth services.  Healthcare

It is the policy of the Council to facilitate the development by the Health Board Executive of a comprehensive range of health and social care services for the area.

Piltown is served by the existing health centre in Piltown, which operates on a morning basis, with evening surgery in Carrick-on-Suir.  The nearest hospitals and dentist services are provided in Carrick-on-Suir and Waterford.  There are nursing homes located in Mooncoin, Portlaw and Carrick-on-Suir serving this area, and there is sheltered housing in Owning – Sue Ryder Homes – which offers suitable accommodation for the elderly.


C3 – To facilitate and support the Health Services Executive in the provision of any health care services for the village.  Childcare

According to the Guidelines for Planning Authorities on Childcare Facilities – DoEHLG, 2001, “Government policy on childcare is to increase the number of childcare places and facilities available and to improve the quality of childcare services for the community”.   Section 4.5.1 of the County Development Plan sets out the policies of Kilkenny County Council in relation to childcare provision.  The Kilkenny Childcare Committee published their second strategy since their inception in 2002, which sets out the direction for the work of the committee.  There is an existing childcare facility in Piltown, constructed as part of the Banagher Court residential development.   The provision of quality childcare services will be facilitated and encouraged by the Council in suitable locations.  Playground

A children’s playground has recently been provided as part of the residential development of Kylemore in Fiddown; however there is no playground currently provided in Piltown.  A need for a playground in the town has been identified having regard to the level of recent development.  Suggested locations for a playground include in the Minister’s Field (opposite Centra), at Foyle’s Garage or opposite Kildalton Close, at the school or at the Community Centre – these would all be subject to land ownership being resolved and finances being made available.


C4 – To investigate and support the identification of a suitable location and development of a children’s playground in Piltown in conjunction with local residents.

Questions to consider for Community -Organisations and Services

Do you agree with this approach, if so, why?

Do you disagree with this approach, if so, why?

What would you like to change?

Are there any other issues that you feel should be considered?

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2 Responses to Community-Organisations and Services

  1. Eamon Ronan says:

    Possibly I’ve missed it in infrastructure or somewhere, but the lack of speed ramps at either side of the school seems an accident waiting to happen for such a high-risk area.
    Best regards

  2. Administrator says:

    Hi Eamon,

    Thanks for your comment. The draft plan refers to traffic safety at the school in section 2.3.2 – Traffic Management & Calming. A specific policy in relation to speed ramps hasn’t been included but the following policy is stated as policy T2 ‘To facilitate measures to provide a safe traffic system at Piltown National School that will prioritise and secure the safe movement of children’.

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