Open Space and Recreation

2.6 Open Space and Recreation

2.6.1 Open space

Areas of open space are illustrated on Figure 2.2 below. The areas of open space in Gowran fall into three categories; public open space, active open space and strategic open space.

Public open space is usable and accessible by the public. The only formal area of public open space is the area beside St. Mary’s Church, which contains the fountain. Smaller pockets of open space are provided in each of the housing estates.

Active open space includes the soccer pitch to the north and the pitch ‘n’ putt area and GAA pitch to the east.

Strategic open space is not generally accessible by members of the public but provides a valuable amenity. In Gowran, strategic open space has been identified as a buffer along the river. These areas should generally be kept free of development and retained as strategic open space. The wet woodland along the river has been identified as an area of ecological significance, see Section This land will be reserved as open space in this plan.

The line of the Mill Race forms the southern boundary to this area of strategic open space. A Mill Race is indicated on the Second edition Ordnance Survey Map (c. 1900), running to the south of the Gowran River from the townland of Sheafield South to the mill on Mill Road. This would have been developed to operate the flour (later corn and saw) mill in the early to mid-nineteenth century. To the west of the Waterford Road this stream is no longer in existence. In the longer term, a walk way could be provided along the river, possibly along the line of the dried up mill race, through negotiation with the relevant landowners.

Figure 2.2 Areas of Open Space

Policies (Chapter 7 of the County Development Plan 2008-2014 also applies):

Policy OS1 To reserve land for and support the development of a walkway along the river, south of the town, in accordance with the heritage objectives for the area.

2.6.2 Recreation

There are a number of sporting groups in the village including hurling and athletics. The existing community hall, located beside the Church and school, is very well utilised.

The GAA club, Young Ireland’s, which represents both Gowran and Dungarvan, is experiencing some capacity constraints. The grounds are located on the R702 (Goresbridge Road) to the east of the town. The Club are currently examining options of upgrading and improving facilities at the existing location, and ways of increasing capacity.

The Pitch ‘n’ putt club is also located on the Goresbridge Road on the grounds of the old Cricket club. The location of these two amenities beside one another could contribute to the provision of a pedestrian link, back to the town centre, in this area.

The Athletics Club currently use the Gowran Park Racecourse car park and driving range for training and also use the Community Hall for training during winter months.

The soccer pitch to the north of the village is under-utilised at present. The trustees of Gowran Soccer Club purchased the site (2.5 acres) from the Council in 1999, with the proviso that the land be used for recreational purposes only. There are no changing facilities at this location. The opportunities offered by this valuable recreational asset, located in the centre of the town, should be exploited further.

A Lawn tennis club was situated on the Bennettsbridge Road just outside the village. This is no longer in operation.

Policies (Chapter 7 of the County Development Plan 2008-2014 also applies):

Policy OS2 To support and facilitate the expansion of capacity at Young Ireland’s GAA club

Policy OS3 To encourage and support the greater utilisation of the soccer pitch for the good of the community

Questions to consider for Open Space and Recreation:

Do you agree with this approach, if so, why?

Do you disagree with this approach, if so, why?

What would you like to change?

Are there any other issues that you feel should be considered?

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